NYS AAUP Conference Falll 2016 date change... - 07/14/16

NYSC Leadership we need to change the dates for the fall conference as our National AAUP Keynote and Workshop presenters just informed us of this need if we are to have be with us. The new dates are According for Joerg and Sam are  October 8th and November 12th, which means we either change the date of our meeting to accommodate them or have them come in the spring. We need to secure them soon if we want them for fall. Let us know what you think.

  • on Thu 14th July 2016 03:46pm by Jeffrey Baker

    Friday Nov 11th is Veteran's Day.   I can be there that weekend though.

    October 8th might be better for everyone.

    I would not want to wait for spring - it may be even harder to find a date then because of spring breaks and extended religious holidays.


  • on Thu 14th July 2016 04:08pm by Patrick Cihon

    I would suggest moving our Fall meeting -- I agree with Jefff.  We need to see what date(s) are most convenient for most people.


  • on Thu 14th July 2016 04:09pm by Leah Akins

    No easy answer here ... October 8 is part of Columbus Day weekend ... either choice puts the meeting on a potential holiday weekend although it is going to be quite varied who has a long weekend on either of those dates.  Good luck!


  • on Thu 14th July 2016 05:13pm by Mary Kubal

    At this point I am free either for either of the proposed dates, but I think earlier is better. November 12 is getting close to Thanksgiving and also more possibility of lake effect snow than early October...

  • on Thu 14th July 2016 06:20pm by Sally Dear-Healey

    First, let me say I'm super excited to see that you are all using this Forum - and so quickly too! 

    Derek got back to me and said that November 12th would probably work but he was going to check with others to make sure.  Tom (who is on his way to Newfoundland and will be gone until the 25th - which is why you are hearing from me) agreed that having these three come and do a workshop/training was important and should not be put off until spring.  As soon as I hear back from Derek I will post again here and let you all know what our options are. 

    Again - you all rock!

  • on Sat 16th July 2016 12:12pm by Tom Policano

    Derek has confirmed the November 11-12 dates @D'Youville are available to host us. I suggest that we move to this date and lock down our presenters.

  • on Sat 16th July 2016 02:04pm by Jeffrey Baker

    Let's go for November 11th-12th.


  • on Mon 18th July 2016 02:11pm by Sally Dear-Healey

    Greetings everyone!  Derek has confirmed that the 11th and 12th of November work at D'Youville, so I am bringing this back to the group to confirm that this will serve as an acceptable alternative (in terms of dates) for our fall NYSAAUPC meeting.  I personally feel that the change in date in order to accomodate our workshop presenters/trainers will be well worth it.  Also, please start spreading the word now so that folks can plan ahead and attend.  Thanks!   

  • on Mon 18th July 2016 04:04pm by Irwin Yellowitz

    Hello everyone,

            My only hesitation on the date is the possibility for snow on November 11-12.   This has been noted in one comment, and I second that concern.  Snow could wreck the conference.   I will leave the decision on whether it is a real problem to the upstate people who have to deal with this issue each winter.




  • on Mon 18th July 2016 05:10pm by Sally Dear-Healey

    While we understand and appreciate concerns about the potential for bad weather in early November, we trust that the people in that area (and I was one of them for 19 years!) know how to drive in snow and the airports are used to it as well.  Besides, given that it's Buffalo, snow could arrive in October (or in May) just as easily.  Also, if we don't have it then we will not be able to offer this really interesting and useful training/event until spring and we would prefer not to put it off.  We will have a slight change in venue as well by holding the main event on Saturday, which we believe will generate greater attendance/participation. In the meantime we'll all keep our fingers crossed that we have good weather!  

  • on Mon 18th July 2016 05:53pm by Jeffrey Baker

    I think we should take a chance.

    Buffalo Historical Average Temperatures (Source: Accuweather)

    Fri 11/11

    50° /35°

    Sat 11/12

    49° /35°

    Average Snowfall both days  0.20 inches. (Source for all snow data): Weather Underground)

    Record Snowfall Nov 11  5.3  (1942)

    Record Snowfall Nov 12  8.2  (1932)

    I say the subjective odds are good. Let's go with it.


  • on Tue 19th July 2016 10:36am by Sally Dear-Healey

    Thanks Jeff for doing the research on the November weather in Buffalo!  I'm sure this should help put people's concerns at ease.  Sally


  • on Wed 20th July 2016 12:54pm by Kimberley Reiser

    Hi all--

    I am sorry to be joining the conversation late. I have been on vacation. November is fine with me and sounds like the best option.


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