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Last Updated : Thu 24th March 2016 05:45pm

The linked letter from the National Coalition Against Censorship to the NYS Assembly Members opposing A9036 was evaluated by the NYSC Steering Committee. While we are in support of most of this petition we have sent our own letter copyed below. Please consider either supporting the petition or use our NYSC letter as a template to contact our NYS legislature members.

The Organizational Letter Opposing A.9036                                                                                           

Petition Supporting the Organizational Letter Opposing A.9036

Please respond as quickly as possible and feel free to share this with others. The above letter will be sent to the assembly members when the National Coalition Against Censorship has the fullest list possible. 

NYSC Letter:

To all members of the New York State Legislative Assembly and Senate:

We are writing to you on behalf of the members of the New York State Conference of the American Association of University Professors to express our deep concern regarding provisions two related pieces of legislation that we understand is currently under consideration, Assembly A9036 and Senate S6378-A.

As an organization representing thousands of faculty and other professional employees at colleges and universities across the state, we view with alarm the implications of the proposed bill.  As currently drafted, it would place elected officials in the position of evaluating the merits of academic discussions and affiliations, in effect turning the state governing bodies into censors.  Using the funding authority of the legislature as a means of extracting compliance with specific political views would, in effect, stifle the free exchange of opinions and have the exact opposite effect that the academic environment is meant to foster.

While we respect the strong views that individuals have on issues of public concern, we urge you not to deny their full exploration by imposing a gag order on those whose views you might take issue with.  Democracy it at its best when all voices can be heard.


David Linton, Ph.D.

Link to contact the NYS Assembly and Senate Members directly with your own letter:



Thank you.