College of Saint Rose Grapples with Union Issue

Last Updated : Sun 10th April 2016 12:58pm

By Bethany Bump Published Times Union Plus - 9:25 pm, Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Just over half of full-time faculty at the College of Saint Rose are seeking union representation, saying they've lost trust in the shared governance model that for so long allowed them to influence important decisions about the future of the private Albany college.

Meanwhile, some faculty who have no interest in unionizing say their story is getting lost as rancor between certain groups grows over looming program and faculty cuts.

About 100 of 194 full-time faculty members have signed cards expressing their desire to join Service Employees International Union Local 200United, said longtime psychology professor Kathleen Crowley, president of the Faculty Association of The College of Saint Rose.

On Monday, her group requested a meeting with administration to gain voluntary recognition of the union, but was denied.

The administration, in a statement, says it respectfully declined to recognize the union, citing a 1980 Supreme Court case that classifies faculty who participate in shared governance as managerial employees. Read Full Article