NYS AAUP Conference Fall 2017

Last Updated : Wed 4th October 2017 01:46pm

Updated 9/20/2017

The New York State Conference of the AAUP will hold its Fall 2017 meeting on October 28th and 29th. Unlike previous meetings, it will be held on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate those teaching or otherwise unavailable on Fridays. The meeting will take place at the Fairfield Inn at 74 State Street, Albany NY. The primary purpose of the meeting will be to discuss NYS Conference business including the appointment of an Executive Director, changes in the NYS Conference Constitution, formation of regional councils, and implementation of the strategic planning goals chosen at the spring meeting. There will also be an open forum on Saturday and a banquet Saturday evening at Cafe Capriccio - 49 Grand Street. The meeting on Saurday prior to the open forum at 4:30 and the Sunday morning meeting will be limited to members of the Steering Committee (NYS Conference Officers, National AAUP officers and delegates from NYS, Delegates-at-Large and committee chairs). The agenda is linked below.



Map and Directions