Campus Equity Week

Last Updated : Wed 18th October 2017 03:01pm

CAMPUS EQUITY WEEK 2017, Halloween Week
With only a few weeks left before Campus Equity Week, it's time to plan and publicize your action!
Follow the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign on Twitter @2017CEW and use the hashtags #2017CEW and/or #mask4ce.
Visit the Facebook page "Campus Equity Week 2017" at
If you haven't perused its pages yet, visit the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign's website:
The arts-based site contains a toolkit with downloadable artwork to use on posters and fliers:
as well as access to a virtual store at this link: where you can purchase union made buttons and/or stickers to publicize the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign and Campus Equity Week.
Wear a button. Put a sticker on the back of your cell phone cover so people will see it whenever you pull out your phone. Pop one on your shirt if you don't like pins. If everyone waits until mid October to place an order, we won't have time to restock and get them to you in time for your events.
Spread the word. Here's a article about the campaign recently published on the AFT website:
Anne Wiegard
UUP, AFT Local 2190
mAsk4CampusEquity Steering Committee