Attack on Workers Compensation in New York

Last Updated : Wed 18th October 2017 03:00pm

On September 1, 2017, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board issued proposed regulations and a draft of new “impairment guidelines.”  The Board’s proposals completely disregard the New York State Legislature’s charge to update its guidelines based on “advances in modern medicine.”  Instead, the rules are an all-out attack on working http://www. protectinjuredworkers/ Your Union Dues Now Tax-Deductible Under a provision passed in the 2017-18 New York State budget, your union dues are now fully deductible from your New York State taxes, if you itemize deductions. For more, read this article: people, fagrantly aimed at increasing business profts at the cost of people injured on the job.  Taken together, the proposed regulations and guidelines would:

• Drastically reduce, and in most cases eliminate, compensation for permanent injuries to limbs, including: fractures; torn ligaments, tendons, and cartilage; dislocations; and surgery up to and in some cases including total joint replacement.

• Signifcantly impair the ability of injured workers to offer evidence in support of their claims and to obtain fair and just compensation.

• Subject injured workers to intimidation and investigatory abuse by employers, insurers, and the so-called “independent” medical examiners they employ.

• Improperly permit the Board to substitute its judgment for the provisions of the law

Please take action now to protect Workers’ Comp for yourself, your family, friends and neighbors.  The pressure from New York residents against these rules is increasing.  With more people speaking out, these changes may be abandoned.

 Submit your comments to the Workers’ Comp Board opposing the new rules by October 23, 2017 via email:  • Contact your state senator: http://www. • Sign a petition opposing the Board’s changes: • Encourage your friends and family to oppose the changes.  • Tweet and post on social media: “Don’t let the NYS Workers’ Comp Board cut compensation Take Action Now Stop the Attack on Injured Workers in New York! benefts for injured workers. @NYSWorkersComp #ProtectInjuredWorkers”

More Information at:

http://www. protectinjuredworkers