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The New York State Conference promotes the activities and values of the AAUP on the state and campus level. It has a Chapter Service Program to assist local chapters in the areas of recruitment, tenure, academic freedom, governance, leadership training, lobbying, legal referrals, and the economic welfare of the profession. It publishes its newsletter, New York Academe, three times a year; and has two Conference meetings a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, alternating downstate and upstate sites.

The National AAUP website carries even more news of importance to higher education than what is available on this site, as well as many of the classic AAUP statements on academic freedom, etc., and up-to-date statements about currently hot topics such as the use and pay of part-time faculty members, distance education, and intellectual property rights.

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NYSAAUP.org is built to allow for Forum participation by you the visitor to our site. Forum Topics are able to be made secure if requested by the participants so that only those who have registered and have the password may see that particular Forum Topic. This provides a level of security for the participants to discuss issues that sites like Facebook do not provide.

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